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 Antique Turkoman Silver Ring  (**SOLD**)
Antique Turkoman Silver Ring
This antique silver ring originates from the nomadic Turkoman tribes of central Asia. Turkomans are nomadic warriors and herdsman of Central Asia. Turkomans have the most graceful and elegant jewelry and ornaments in the Asia’s heartland. The ring is made of high-grade silver and is adorned with a lustrous green Agate stone, which is surrounded by intricate details & partial gold plating. The surface of the silver has a rich patina from age and wear and the ring measures 39mm long x 18mm wide x 12mm high. The ring size is 9. A rare tribal treasure from Central Asia!

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 Antique Carnelian Silver Ring  (10-3-2)
Antique Carnelian Silver Ring
Full Description
This antique tribal ring originates from the “Kuchi” nomads of Afghanistan. Kuchi (which means “nomad”) are Sunni Muslim tribes people who travel the alpine routes between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The “Kuchi” are migratory herdsman and they depend on their livestock for survival. Some of the tribes have recently settled due to the effects of war and drought. The “Kuchi” population consists of different ethnic groups, predominantly Pashtun, Beluchi, Arab, but also Aimaq, and even some Tajik and Uzbek in the north. The ring is made of high-grade silver with rich patina on the surface from years of wear. The ring is adorned with a deep brown Carnelian stone. The ring size is 9.5 and weighs 13.2 grams.

Item: 10-3-2
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